We were born to raise animals — we care for them, and they care for us.

Kyzer Farm, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, knows that slow, natural growth produces solid, quality meat. The animals raised at Kyzer Farm are gentle and contented. There are no unnecessary hormones or chemicals used on our farm, and our livestock are grain-fed, supplemented with local vegetables and, occasionally, whey.

Sample our meats and you will taste the difference!


Why Buy Kyzer Farm Pork?

  • Exceptional mouth-watering flavor, texture and juiciness.
  • Natural, solid meat with no shrinkage due to hormones and chemicals when cooked.
  • From humanely-raised animals fed locally-grown grains and vegetables
  • 100% traceable and source-verified
  • Good source of protein (50%), iron (15%), B12 (70%), and zinc (30%).