Slide4We think everyone should have access to pork from healthier, happier pigs, and so we’re hoping to grow both our farm and our distribution in the coming years. Because we’re committed to our belief that pigs should be raised humanely without being exposed to antibiotics, growth hormones, or a stressful environment, we can only increase production so much every year. By increasing the size of our farm, we’re hoping to bring prices down as well. By buying our pigs’ food in larger quantities, we can save on the cost of our inputs and offer our pork at a lower price.


We love that we’ve become a household name for pork in New Mexico, but we’d like to expand beyond homes as well. Bringing our pork into New Mexico restaurants would give diners a healthier and more natural option, and it would allow them to support our local economy as well. We buy grain, peanuts, and other farm inputs from New Mexico producers, so as we grow we’ll support the growth of other local businesses as well. If you’d like to see your favorite restaurant switch to local, ethically-raised pork, considering asking them to check us out!


With your continued support for pork from pigs raised happily in New Mexico, we will be able to grow and offer fresher, cleaner, and more natural meat to our whole community.