Slide1We strive to raise our pigs as naturally and cleanly as we possibly can. We avoid antibiotics and do everything we can to make our pigs’ lives stress-free. Fortunately, it turns out that the highest quality of pork comes from happy, healthy, and naturally-raised pigs. By emphasizing the health and quality of life of our pigs, we also ensure that ours is the best tasting pork around.


Stress and change are the biggest factors in determining a pig’s well-being. We have a large 80’x120’ area for our pigs to roam freely with three feeders and a variety of toys. To make sure there’s plenty of room, we only have just over a third of the pen’s full capacity at any given time. We don’t truck them around, and we let them socialize freely as they please. Because we maintain a stress-free environment, we never have the problems that conventional pig farmers respond to with antibiotics and hormones. We’re committed to using no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and no food that’s had pesticides on it. Whatever our stress-free environment can’t stop is usually easily taken care of with some extra attention and careful dietary adjustments.


We grow as much alfalfa as we can to feed them from our own land, and what we can’t grow ourselves we try to source as locally and organically as possible. We will never use any animal byproducts in the raising of our pigs. We’re happy to discuss our practices with anyone interested – we have nothing to hide and everything to gain from showing folks just how much we care about our pigs.